La Font

La Font Frames


Tradition and unique artisanship

Unique frames for small faces

LaFont specialise in colourful, unique frames for boutique style opticians for men and women. LaFont frames are specially created to suit petite faces and are reasonably priced.

90 years of timeless design

Louis LaFont first opened an optical shop in Paris in August 1923 and many of the styles which were manufactured and sold by LaFont over 90 years ago are still on display at the boutique.
As opticians and eyewear manufacturers since the 1930’s, the knowledge and values of inspirational design and creation have been passed down through four generations at LaFont. It was in August 1979 that the company first distributed the LaFont frames worldwide, and 30 years later the brand is still associated with strong values and timeless style.

Paris inspired

The heritage of French lifestyle, the celebration of Parisian elegance along with discreet luxury, together with technical knowledge and only the use of the highest quality materials available create the essence of LaFont. The personality of each of the LaFont frames can be seen by the unique blend of shapes and colours; LaFont offers more than 200 colours in the collection. In addition to this, each of the LaFont styles comes direct from one designer, with creativity and independence at the forefront of each frame.