MYHA Myopia Assessment

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Catching Myopia Early

With A MYHA Myopia Assessment

Myopia or short-sightedness is becoming far more prevalent worldwide with some studies predicting as many as 60% of children being affected.

The good news is that myopia can now be controlled by practitioners using the latest Myopia Management technology but to get the best result it must be detected and managed as early as possible.


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What Causes Myopia?

Myopia occurs when the eye grows to be slightly too long, this causes the vision to go out of focus and distant objects become blurred. At first this blur is so slight that it goes unnoticed, but as the eyes grow the myopia increases and the blur becomes increasingly inconvenient, often resulting in a lifetime dependency on spectacles or contact lenses.

The sooner this miniscule lengthening is found, the easier it is to reduce the progression of the myopia with Myopia Management, and we recommend that children of age 6 or over should all have an eye examination and a MYHA Myopia Assessment if they appear to be at risk.


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The MYHA Myopia Assessment

At a MYHA Myopia Assessment, we will use the very latest technology to precisely measure the shape and length of your child’s eyes, carefully analyse the data and recommend an appropriate course of action. The MYHA procedure is quick, easy to perform and involves no discomfort or contact with the eye.

This process is then repeated at subsequent appointments enabling us to spot causes for concern and, if necessary, take action to manage the myopia in its early stages.

For us this is nothing short of a revolution in the way that we can care for potentially short-sighted children.


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Putting Parents in Control

After your child’s MYHA Myopia Assessment, we will carefully explain what the results mean, answer your questions and help you decide what to do next.

It may be that there is no concern at all, and routine eye examinations are all that is required, it may be that regular MYHA Myopia Assessments are a good idea, or it may be that the early signs of myopia have been spotted and it’s time to start myopia management.

Whatever the outcome you will be confident that you are making an informed decision based upon the very best information available.

MYHA Myopia Assessment is not currently funded by the NHS and a fee will apply.


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