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Aloha!  Maui Jim, a fabulous brand from Hawaii, offers premium polarised sunglasses

The word we hear most when someone tries a pair on is WOW ! 99.9% Glare is gone, 100% harmful UV light that can damage eyes is gone; suddenly the world’s true colour comes shinning through, blues bluer, greens greener. Colour-infused POLARISED PLUS 2 lens technology, in an optically correct distortion-free lens has revolutionised the sunglass market. This original patented colour-enhanced treatment involves infusing rare earth elements to the lenses which result in colour vividness. The view is clearer, there is crisper contrast and amazing brilliance. This is unique to Maui Jim and these unique sun lenses are made up from 9 layers. A wide selection of styles is offered for both men and women, and almost all are available in all four lens colour options for lenses.

Features include:

    • Waterproof and Oleophobic Coating  front and back – repels water, snow, oil and grease making them easier to clean.
    • Anti-reflective treatment – blocks reflected light and annoying glare–eliminates eye fatigue.
    • Clear shell scratch resistant coating front and back which protects and increases durability – specific Lens composition is unique to Maui Jim, they are optically correct and distortion-free with colour-infused technology which sandwiches the polarising layer.
    • Polarising Maui Jim Film – eliminates reflective glare from all surfaces to give a clearer crisper view which is excellent for driving, winter sports and water sports. The Bi-gradient Mirror adds protection against glare and UV from above and below the lens where it is needed most.
    • Maui Jim Readers are a hidden bifocal polycarbonate lens available in two popular styles with patented colour-infused POLARISED PLUS 2 lens technology. These are excellent for people with perfect distance vision who require help for reading.

Four Colour of Lenses

  • Neutral Grey which is suited to very bright direct sunlight, offers the highest light reduction, rich colour and contrast, and excellent vision without squinting.
  • HCL Bronze which is suited for variable conditions from full sunlight to overcast conditions, and gives excellent contrast.
  • MAUI Rose which is suited for variable conditions from full sunlight to overcast conditions, gives the highest contrast and is excellent for fast-moving sports.
  • MAUI HT which is suited for times when most lenses would be too dark, gives sharper contrast and more vibrant colours for early mornings, late afternoon, dusk and foggy days. This lens perfect for golf.

Maui Jim Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription lenses are available in both single vision and multifocal options, offering the world’s best view.  Exclusive lens design combines digital optical precision for a clearer more vivid view. No glare, no harmful UV. 90% of the sunglass collection is available for glazing including wrap styles.

Lens Materials

These sunglasses can be made from three lens materials:

  • Maui Evolution – a unique material which fuses the properties of the super-thin glass and polycarbonate together to produce super lightweight,impact and scratch-resistant lens.
  • Polycarbonate – gives durability and protection against shattering during intense activities whilst remaining lightweight.
  • Super thin Glass – superb clarity and premium optics, 20% thinner and lighter than standard glass.

Maui Jim Passport Lens Design

This is an exclusive prescription lens design specific to curved or wrapped frames, and provides outstanding visual acuity and unprecedented clarity in a wide field of view. It removes distortion and the “swim effect” and helps immediate adaption to all prescriptions. As a result prescription lenses can now be fitted in larger and curved frames. It is available in the MAUI EVOLUTION and POLYCARNONATE lens options.

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