Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses

So you want to wear contact lenses? Great – let’s get started.

The good news is that Eavan Kennedy, owner of EK Eyewear, has many years experience in fitting all types of contact lenses.

She has worn lenses for many years herself and is confident that if she can apply a lens to the front of your eye she can teach you to wear them confidently and safely.

Experiencing the freedom of lenses is a wonderful feeling. Eavan prides herself in providing lenses to patients who have never been successful before. Taking the time to get it right.

Firstly these are the questions you need to think about so she can recommend the best lens option or options for you.

  • When do your glasses get in the way or when do you not want to wear glasses?
  • How many hours per day do you want to wear lenses?
  • How many days a week will you want to wear them
  • Do you have astigmatism
  • Do you wear glasses only for reading or near tasks?
  • Do you wear varifocals or bifocals?
  • Contact lenses are ageless!

Once these questions are answered, Eavan then will recommend the best option(s) for you either in a Daily Disposable Lens or a frequent replacement lens scheme (monthly or 2 weekly).

You may have been told before that you were unsuitable for lens wear or you may have tried lenses before and were unsuccessful. The good news is that CONTACT LENSES ARE CONTINUALLY IMPROVING AND NEW PRODUCTS ARE COMING TO THE MARKET REGULARLY.

We offer:

  • a full fitting service for new wearers
  • advice and aftercare for existing wearers
  • ensure that you choose lenses that fulfill your prescription
  • replacement lens options from the wide ranges available
  • ensure you are wearing the latest and up to date products
  • free trials of new products as soon as they come on the market
  • monthly payment schemes –lenses, solutions, red eye, spare lenses, cl visits
  • Lens delivered to your work or home
  • For occasional wearers- lenses can be purchased as needed provided contact reviews are up to date.

Contact Lenses are suitable for:

  • short sight glasses wearers
  • long sight glasses wearers
  • astigmatic glasses wearers
  • reading glasses
  • varifocal & bifocal wearers – suitable for certain prescriptions

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