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EK Eyewear provides private and NHS eye tests.

No two eyes are the same and at EK Eyewear we pride ourselves in having up to date equipment and exercise modern procedures to create bespoke eye examinations for all the family; Children, Teens, Adults and Over 60s.

Retinal Camera

EK Eyewear has the facility to examine the eyes and photograph with a retinal (fundus) camera. Photos can be stored and used at later visits for monitoring various interesting appearances found during eye examinations. In rare cases this can be vital in helping to diagnose certain conditions.

Dear Eavan, thank you for Identifying the tumour in my right eye and referring me to the hospital. As you know the tumour was confirmed to be malignant and subsequently successfully treated. I was later referred to the cancer unit in the city hospital to have a scan. The result as far as my eye was concerned was very good. Another tumour was discovered, since then I have had the tumour removed and the prognosis is very good. A routine check up has not only discovered one tumour but has aided in the discover of a second. Thank you for the photo you had taken some time ago of the naevus in my eye and your notice that it had changed and had the earlier photo to confirm the change, I was able to have treatment on time. Mr Mageean.

Visual Field Testing

Since the practice opened Ek Eyewear has always routinely used the Humphreys field analyser manufactured by Zeiss. This gold standard piece of equipment for screening and monitoring Glaucoma patients. It is also used for checking peripheral or side vision defects. For more information click here

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