The Humphreys Field Analyser


The Humphreys Field Analyser, esterman test

Visual Field Scanner


Since the practice opened Ek Eyewear has always routinely used this gold standard piece of equipment for screening and monitoring Glaucoma patients. The Humphreys field analyser is very sensitive to picking up very early signs of retinal damage even if patients have no outward symptoms. The Zeiss machine provides the ESTERMAN test which is the recommended test for the DVLNI to help determine if the patient’s vision is still suitable for driving after an accident or stroke.

The Esterman Visual Field Test is carried out on both eyes together and wearing any glasses that you normally wear when driving. It is carried out on a visual field analyser, a computerised machine where you have to responding to small, flashing lights by pressing a button whilst looking straight ahead. The test should take around half an hour to complete.

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