What is blepharitis

Blepharitis causes a build-up of debris on the edge of the eyelids and the surrounding base of eyelids. Over time this debris, which may not be visible to the naked eye, blocks the oil glands, disrupts the tears and allows bacteria to thrive causing further complications.

Introducing BlephEx treatment

EK Eyewear will use the BlephEx treatment to remove this hardened debris and bacteria causing the inflammation and blockages of the glands around the eyelids. This allows essential oils that keep the eye lubricated and quality tears to flow. It is a simple procedure which will take approximately 40 minutes, involving the consultation, treatment and aftercare advice. The actual procedure involves a warm compress over the eyelids followed by exfoliation of the eyelids using the handheld BlephEx device.

Following the procedure, you may experience minor redness which will subside shortly leaving you with cleaner and more comfortable eyes.


EK Eyewear will recommend an individualised aftercare plan to maximise the results of the BlephEx treatment. This may involve the use of lid wipes, tear supplements, dietary supplements and hot compresses. We usually follow up the initial treatment 4-8 weeks after, to ensure the maintenance of your eye health.


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